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Ingredients: SapoCastiliensis, Deionzied Aqua, Witch Hazel, Prunus Amygdalus, Aqua Rosae Fortior, and Natural Perfume. We have Magnolia, Lavender, and Papaya available as scents.  


Refresh and replenish with our Organic Yoni Wash. This blend is made with all organic products  and infused with our organic Yoni Oil blend. This Yoni wash will leave your Yoni feeling refreshed and balance your PH. All washes are PH tested for 3,5 - 4,5 to balance your vagina PH. 


External use only. If you have any issues with an imbalanced PH, frequent yeast infections, itchiness, or chaffing then this product will be a great addition to your daily routine.  


Directions: Shake before using, pump into clean hands and wash your Yoni with love. 


Yoni Wash, 50ML/1.7 oz

$8.99 Regular Price
$6.29Sale Price